Retro Programming II: the Amiga and the Computational Beauty of the Leaf

In my archeological exploration of old computer files, I came across to another simple but interesting Amiga Basic program that I programmed in 1989. It is named “Foglie”, the Italian name for leaves. It was an attempt to explore some ideas of functional plant morphology modeling. The stimulus comes after the reading of the paper by Karl J. Niklas on issue 213 of Le Science (the Italian edition of the Scientific American magazine [1]). The article titled “Computer-simulated plant evolution” and was a description of the modeling of plants to study their interaction with the environment. It was a fascinating paper, and still simple and primitive graphics was catching my imagination. Nowadays the field of digital morphology come to an age (just to mention one, Avatar) and we can have an idea of this progress in the level of realism in movies, video games, TV programs. My curiosity an interest has been always caught by the form and shapes of the organism and the structure of leafs nervation was an intriguing pattern very much related to my acquaintance with the fascinating fractals objects, another recurrent topic in the pages of scientific magazines of the period.

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