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Modeling Natural Shapes: Sunflowers Florets and the Golden Ratio

Il girasole piega a occidente e già precipita il giorno nel suo occhio in rovina …  from the poem  “Quasi un madrigale” by Salvatore Quasimodo.  

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Retro Programming II: the Amiga and the computational beauty of the leaf

In my archeological exploration of old computer files, I came across to another simple but interesting Amiga Basic program that I programmed in 1989. It is named “Foglie”, the Italian name for leaves.

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Awk Programming III: the One-Dimensional Cellular Automaton

Cellular automata (CA) is a vast and interesting topic of computer science and mathematics with important applications in many areas of science.

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Bioinformatics Tools for Protein Engineering​: The MAP server

Mutagenesis Assistant Program (MAP) is a free accessible statistical tool which can be used for the benchmarking of random mutagenesis methods on the protein level. The server is currently hosted at the RTWH Aachen but it can still be accessed … Continue reading

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La programmazione in Awk II: Life in a Shell

  Il gioco Life fu inventato negli anni ’70 dal prolifico matematico John H. Conway (vedi [5] per la sua biografia) ed è diventato famoso dopo la pubblicazione di Martin Gardner nella sua rubrica di matematica amatoriale sulla rivista Scientific … Continue reading

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Awk Programming II: Life in a Shell

The game of Life was invented in the ’70 by the prolific mathematician John H. Conway (see [5] for his biography).  It becomes famous after Martin Gardner wrote about in his famous column in the Scientific American magazine [1,2].  

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Programmazione della Unix Shell

Questo blog contiene  una breve introduzione alla programmazione della Unix shell csh/tcsh. Per altri tipi di shells, il lettore può consultare manuali dedicati a questo argomento riportati nella bibliografia alla fine di questa questo blog.

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