Retro programming nostalgia IV: Acid/Base Balance and Titration (Part II)

This second article continues my journey of acid/base titrations.  In the previous article (, I showed how to calculate an acid-base equilibrium for strong acids and bases. This article also describes subroutines for titrations of monoprotic weak acids and bases. The method I used solves the pH calculation precisely and is based on an article published in the chemistry journal “Rassegna chimica” by Prof Luigi Campanella (and Dr G. Visco) in 1985. I received a copy of the article from the author while attending his analytical chemistry course at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome. I remember writing a program for the study of titrations was fun and stimulating, but it helped me understand the subject thoroughly. I recommend that the young reader try to convert the program into a modern language more familiar to you (e.g., Python) to understand its functioning better.

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