Easter 2023: Superquadric and Squared-Eggs

First there was the Great Cosmic Egg.

Huai-nan Tzu, China 100 BCE 

Another Easter is arriving, and here I am for a new article on old friends: the Eggs. In my blog for Easter 2021, I mentioned squared eggs paraphrasing a sentence attributed to the extraordinary jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé:” This year, your Highness, we will be featuring square eggs.” A hen is unlikely to make a cubic-shaped egg, but we can still transform a cooked egg to get the cuboid shape. If you look for squared eggs on the internet, you will find a tool called the egg cuber that does the magic. Unfortunately, I could not yet try one, but it seems to be doing an excellent job from the reviews. The shape of the egg is not a perfect cube but a cuboid, namely a cube with rounded corners. In my previous article, I anticipated that this shape could be obtained using the superquadric function. Curiouser and curiouser! In this article, I will give a bit of mathematical background and even a source code to play with such a function as my Easter Bunny gift.

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