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Awk Programming II: Life in a Shell

The game of Life was invented in the ’70 by the prolific mathematician John H. Conway (on the 11/4/2020 sadly J.H. Conway passed away at the age of 82 after having contracted the COVID-19, see [5] for his biography). The game … Continue reading

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Retro Programming Nostalgia: Commodore Amiga and Molecular Visualization

Italy 1989, it was the age of Commodore Amiga with its BOING demo, the bouncing ball that conquest the heart of the millions of young people living the microcomputer revolution.

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Modeling Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces

Super-hydrophobic surfaces are ubiquitous in nature: if you just walk in a park with ornamental ponds, you may see Lotus’ leaves floating on the water surface.

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